Philippe-Antoine Lehoux


Founded the best web app to design and print name badges online with friends from
Founded the first coworking space in Quebec City with friend Greg Sadetsky.
Founded the biggest outdoors game jam in the world with friend Marc-Olivier D'amours.
Created many years ago.


fontBomb Browser
An iPhone version of the infamous destructive bookmarklet.
Stylishly destroy the web with this HTML 5 bomb!
A multiplayer game for live events and social gatherings, playable with any phone. Made in 48 hours with @_Tristan and @EtienneLem from Heliom at the 2012 edition of the Bivouac game jam
A strange take on flowers
A 2 player anti-shooter where instead of avoiding "bullets", you try to collect them. Made in 48 hours at TOJam7.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend
A 4 player game of alliances and compromises. Best played on an iPad.
Scream me a picture (unreleased iOS app)
A social guess-drawing game in which the sound level influences the game mechanic.
Idea management web application.