Philippe Lehoux



🤘 Missive 🤘
Collaborative email client... Gmail meets Slack.
😇 Leanticket 😇
Print tickets for your Eventbrite event!
😍 ConferenceBadge 😍
Best web app to design and print name badges online
😎 Abri.Co 😎
Founded the first coworking space in Quebec City with friend Greg Sadetsky.


😭 Not much time for this anymore 😭
Stylishly destroy the web with this HTML 5 bomb!
A multiplayer game for live events and social gatherings, playable with any phone. Made in 48 hours with @_Tristan and @EtienneLem from Heliom at the 2012 edition of the Bivouac game jam
A strange take on flowers
A 2 player anti-shooter where instead of avoiding "bullets", you try to collect them. Made in 48 hours at TOJam7.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend
A 4 player game of alliances and compromises. Best played on an iPad.
Scream me a picture (unreleased iOS app)
A social guess-drawing game in which the sound level influences the game mechanic.